Toca Kitchen


Play with your food with this creative culinary game


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If you always wanted to cook with your hands but you weren't allowed, you should try Toca Kitchen, a game in which you must feed four friends for whom you can cook whatever you want.

Prepare your favorite dishes as you've always wanted, with ingredients that you like and tons of utensils at your disposal.

Have fun cooking, frying, or even blending any ingredients to give your friends authentic dishes from magazines and see their excited faces when you present them with your menu.

Everyone has a favorite food, but can you cook so well that they forget what they wanted in the first place?

In Toca Kitchen, you can also feed your pets. Pay attention to its requests so you can make it happy and keep improving your future dishes.

Become a real artist in the kitchen with Toca Kitchen and make unique dishes, just like you've always wanted. You are free to play with food here, and bring out your inner chef!
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